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Nokor-Web designs, builds, and supports distributed website designing services in order to satisfy many customers. We are a company that customers who believe us. Implementation of the richness of thought customers to maintain and enhance their current thinking is our motto.


PSD Layouts

Nokor-Web, have a good team of creative designers dedicated to developing the PSD layout conveying the luster of your company profile. A PSD layout can also be referred to as the design to your website. A Layout or your PSD template is a clear picture or all what your business is all about. Thus it becomes very important to have a perfect partner design you a perfect PSD template. We do our best to provide you with web templates design of premium quality.

Convert PSD to HTML
Web designers design various web templates with different layer to form an attractive looking web design or a template. But these templates are in the form of PSD files, which are the raw files useful only to the designer. This means they cannot be put on the website. This is where it reveals that PSD templates lack usability till they are converted to HTML codes.

HTML Designing Services
A website design has to follow a series of steps before it is ready to take off. It begins from its PSD design and moves over to its HTML design. Any Website that comes on WWW has to atleast be in the basic HTML format for the internet browsers to read the content and display it respectively.